Gout Sulfur Diet – To Relieve Gout Symptoms

Gout is the metabolic arthritis and it is caused by the congenital disorder of the uric acid metabolism. Gout is caused by the uric acid accumulation in the body that causes the uric acid crystal deposits in the joints that results the Gout attack. The uric acid is the breakdown of the purines which mainly comes from the food that we ingest. Acute pain, skin swelling, redness and warmth of the affected areas are the most common types of Gout symptoms. However, proper and timely treatment and change in the lifestyle can effectively help in alleviating the attacks of Gout.

Sulfur for Gout

So, for keeping the uric acid level in control and also for preventing the further attack of Gout, the patients should change the lifestyle and food habits alongside the medication usage. For combating Gout, avoiding meats and other high purine foods is important. Animal flesh and animal protein constitute the major source of the uric acid in the body. So, eliminating the meats like lamb, pork and beef should effectively help in reducing the uric acid level in the bloodstream. Seafood like the anchovies, sardines, scallops, stout, cod, herring and mackerel are also high purine foods that should be avoided. A Gout diet comprising of right proportion of every food item should be devised.

Staying away from drinks like alcohol and beer is also very important. These are high purine foods and can increase the uric acid in the body. Milk and milk products should be taken adequately to reduce the uric acid level. Milk can help in preventing the further attack of Gout. Milk also helps in detoxifying the body of purines. Using more sulfur contained food can effective prevent the chance of Gout attacks. This has been believed from a long time, yet little importance is given to the fact. Sulfur containing foods like eggs, garlic, onions help in controlling the uric acid. Sulfur also helps in the repair of the body and the connective tissues of the joints.

For years Gout sulfur regimen has been widely accepted to treat Gout. Sulfur has been known as an important substance for reducing the attack of Gout, constipation, bronchitis and in many other types of health problems. Sulfur is found in almost all parts of the body but it is specially found in the joints and in the skin. The presence of much important amino acid makes this an important food substance.

Sulfur helps in reducing the heavy metals load present in the body. Exposure to metal like lead can lead to the attack of Gout. No doubt the patient can reduce or neutralize the heavy metals by eating the green and fresh vegetables especially the calcium rich vegetable like broccoli. Sulfur rich vegetables like the Brussels sprouts, garlic, onion, flowers and radish, kale, horseradish can help in reducing the uric acid level in the body. Sulfur plays the most important role in regulating the sodium and the potassium electrolyte in each of the cell of the body.

In case of misbalance in the regulatory act, acute pain and inflammation can be felt. Sulfur also helps in detoxifying and immune system of the body. So, ensuring proper Gout sulfur diet rich in sulfur containing foods can effectively help the body in preventing the chance of Gout and also in relieving the acute pain and inflammation.


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Pastor Hilda Lynch April 27, 2011 at 12:59 pm

I need to get on a good diet for gout now.

Dhammika June 8, 2011 at 1:54 am

Thank you excellent advise am a gout man of 60 yrs just Got it around one year back, all what you say is correct and very educative.
from Srilanka

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