Coffee and Gout – How drinking coffee can help you with Gout?

Gout is a serious medical condition and the main cause of the Gout is the accumulation of the uric acid in the body. The main source of the uric acid in the body comes from the food that we ingest. So, certain foods can increase the chance of the Gout and certain foods and beverages can even reduce the chances of Gout. Recent studies have proved that the habit of drinking coffee at least two cups per day makes people less prone to get Gout. Regular consumption of the coffee can effectively reduce the chance of Gout. So, here is good news for avid coffee drinkers! You can now enjoy coffee and reduce the chance of the critical medical condition like Gout.

Drink Coffee Reduce Gout

A study published in the Arthritis & Rheumatism Journal in June 2007 reported that there was a research conducted on over 45, 869 men aged over 40. The study was started from the year 1986. All of the participants have not had any previous record of Gout. Then the study was conducted over these men to see the relationship between the coffee and Gout. Since the age of 40 is the most prominent age for having Gout, the study showed the connection between drinking coffee and Gout.

The study showed that the men who had three to four cups of coffee a day intended to show the reduced level of the uric acid in the blood. Coffee has different compounds in it and it has complex effects on the human body. Certain substances found in the coffee help to reduce the uric acid level in the body. It also helps in reducing the insulin level. So, the study brought some good news for the Gout patients and the coffee lovers. Coffee helps in lowering the uric acid level.

The research team prepared the questionnaire and ensured the consumption of coffee and the total caffeine mentioned in the study. The participants answered the questionnaire after every four years. They had to mention the number of cups of coffee they consumed every day. They had to mention whether they drank coffee to 2 to 4 cups a day, 6 plus cups a day or no coffee at all. The questionnaire also recorded the consumption of other beverages like the cola, tea, or decaffeinated coffee, all of which contained the caffeine.

For making the comparison, the research team also kept records for almost 757 patients who are newly diagnosed with the Gout. The data showed the relative chart for the risk of occurrence among the coffee drinkers and divided the groups depending on the average intake per day.

 Other issues that were kept in mind are the weight, body mass index, consumption of red meat or high purine foods, alcohol consumption, etc. Then the result was significant. The research showed that the as the coffee consumption increased, the risk of developing Gout decreased. The chance of getting Gout was almost 40% less in the people who consumed 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day. It is almost 59 percent less for the people who drink 6 cups of coffee a day. But the caffeine present in tea did not show the same results. This led the researchers to arrive at the conclusion that the phenol compound present in the coffee named as the chlorogenic acid acts as the antioxidant that helps in reducing the uric acid level in the bloodstream causing the prevention of the Gout.


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