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The fast and tedious trends of living world has made all of us accustomed to busy working schedules and improper eating habits which in turn has made us inactive, stressful and prone to many health disorders. One such health disorder which has engulfed the people since ancient time is Gout. Many people may get surprised about what does Gout means? Or what is Gout? What Causes Gout? or How does it occurs?

Well, we may find countless definitions to Gout. However, the most typical definition to this is that it is an acute form of arthritis which mainly occurs in middle aged and old adults. Gout is said to be the most frequently recorded medical illnesses in the history which is ultimately diagnosed by excessive accumulation of the uric acid in the joints in the form of crystals, particularly in and around the joints, heels, insteps (arches of your feet), ankles, knees, fingers, wrists, elbows. According to the UK Gout Society, Gout affects around one in every 100 people.

Painful Gout Attacks:

Gout is the most severe disease which makes patients to experience agonizing attacks, which lasts from days to a week or so. The uric acid accumulation in the body leads to a rapid onset of joint inflammation which occurs due to engulfment of the uric acid crystals by white blood cells which in turn leads to, heat and redness of the joint tissues. Sometimes, the condition become so worse that the uric acid crystals, main cause of Gout disease grows large enough in size that it burst out from the skin in form of a chalk like white substance, thus developing sinuses.

A Gout attack usually occurs at night, and tends to affect the big toe first. Though the acute attack normally affects a single joint but there are cases where people experience this attack in more than one joint simultaneously. The pain and inflammation of joints worsens in few hours if not treated immediately and may take few hours to days to get cured depending on body’s curing tendency. Usually it has been revealed that 50% of patients get first and initial attack mainly in the big toe, mid-foot, ankles, heels, and knees. And later on, it is faced in wrists, fingers, and elbows. Apart from this the severe pain of attack can be experienced in tissues next to the joint, such as tendons and skin.

Causes of attacks of Gout:

People who experience attacks of Gout are generally those who suffer from excessive accumulation of uric acid in the body, under-elimination of uric acid through the kidneys or have more intakes of foods which are high in purines. Other symptoms of Gout are fever, chills, and malaise. If we go by the statistical information, it reveals that near about 5 million people in the United States are prone to Gout or witness the painful Gout attacks annually. Gout is said to be nine times more prevalent in men in comparison to women and is often termed as “Rich man’s Disease” or is also known as hyperuricemia.

Stages of Painful Attacks of Gout:

Unfortunately, the Gout patient may suffer from the severe attacks of Gout in three stages which are as follows:

  • Asymptomatic hyperuricemia – It mainly include the stage where there is a raised level of uric acid is witnessed in the blood stream.
  • Acute intermittent Gout – This is the stage where the one joint of Gout patient becomes inflamed and painful and lasts for about 2 weeks, if untreated.
  • Chronic tophaceous Gout – It is the most painful stage of Gout in which the one or more joint becomes inflamed and uncomfortable frequently. The uric acid crystals may collect and in the form of lumps underneath the skin, known as tophi. This may also lead to the formation kidney stones in the body.

Gout treatment Options:

In case you feel that you are about to get an attack of Gout, then you must immediately contact the doctor for medical treatment to have immediate relief from acute pain. Somehow, if you are not able to get medical treatment then start applying the hot pack or ice pack on the afflicted joint to prevent the situation from getting worsen. But in order to cute Gout properly, you need to have good treatment for it so that it does not occur frequently. Though, the medication meant for Gout usually controls the alleviation of the joints not the Gout diseases on the whole. Therefore, most of the Gout sufferers have started adopting natural Gout Treatments or Home Remedies For Gout so that the symptoms of a Gout attack can be avoided for a much-much longer period.

Presently, there are countless natural or home remedies available online to get relief from painful Gout attacks which are as follows:

If you really want to prevent recurrent Gout attacks then you must start consuming daily diet in proportion of 70% alkaline and 30% acidic in nature. Foods which are high in alkaline  and low in acidic are Lemons, Watermelon , Agar, Cantaloupe, Cayenne (Capsicum), Dried dates & figs, Kelp, Karengo, Kudzu root, Limes, Mango, Melons, Papaya, Parsley, Seedless grapes, Watercress, Seaweed, Apples, Apricots, Alfalfa sprouts Arrowroot, Avocados, Bananas, Berries, Carrots, Celery, Currants, Dates & figs, Garlic , Gooseberry, Grapes, Grapefruit, Guavas, Herbs, Lettuce, Nectarine, Peaches, Pears, Peas, Persimmon, Pumpkin, Sea salt , Spinach, Apples, Bamboo shoots, Beans, Beets, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carob , Daikon, Ginger (fresh), Grapes, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Oranges, Parsnip, Peaches, Peas, Potatoes & skin, Pumpkin , Raspberry, Sapote, Strawberry, Squash , Sweet corn, Tamari , Turnip, and Sour Dairy.

Say complete No to Alcohol if you want to save yourself from attacks of Gout and want to lead a healthy and happy life. The consumption of Alcohol may result in the rise of uric acid in the blood stream.

Ensure to have more intakes of fruits and water in daily diet which may helps in flushing off the excessive accumulation of uric acid in the blood stream. Cherries are the best source of curing Gout attacks. If you are suffering from Gout then it is advisable to drink 4 glasses of black cherry juice mixed with carrot and cherries every day which will neutralize uric acid level in the blood stream. Consumption of parsley, Celery and Dark green leafy vegetables especially broccoli helps in the elimination of crystal formation in the body and prevent attacks of Gout pain.

To prevent attacks of Gout, baking soda remedy is the best natural remedy which can be consumed by mixing it with water and thus dissolves the uric crystals present in the pain-ridden joints areas. Attacks of Gout can be prevented easily by the intake of vitamin C in the form of supplement within the quantity of 5000mg daily for a month. Apart from this, it is advisable to do regular exercise which may increase the blood circulation in the body and may flush out the unwanted accumulation of uric acid in the blood stream. Exercise may also help you in keeping a check on your weight and makes you fit and healthy.

Exercise increases blood circulation that helps to flush out uric acid before it has a chance to crystallize in the joints. Though many arthritis sufferers hardly feel the need to exercise when in pain, any activity can help alleviate the pain of arthritis, including Gout.

You can also try charcoal bath to prevent attacks of Gout. For this, you have to mix one half cup of charcoal powder in water and make a paste of it and then place your afflicted foot into the basin of charcoal mixture added with water for about one hour to get instant pain relief.

Aromatherapy also proves as a great home remedy for Gout. This mainly includes herbal oils named as olive and juniper that can be massaged over the affected area to get instant relieve from pain. There are several homeopathic medicines also available which helps in curing the acute pain of attacks of Gout which are Belladonna, ; Colchicum, Urtica, Berberris Vulgaris, etc.

Thus, these valuable and informative steps on Gout treatment may prove as an instant guide for you to cure the painful attacks of Gout easily and effectively.


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