Gout Grapes – How Grapes Can Help Gout Suffers?

If you suffer from Gout, it is very important that you eat a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables. In this article, you will learn about how one fruit is especially great for Gout treatment: grapes. When you eat grapes as a part of your Gout diet, you are more likely to see a reduction in your Gout pain. There are many Gout remedies in the market, but a lot of people like to go the fruit and vegetable route because it is healthy and all natural.

Grapes have not been commonly used for Gout treatment until recently. While grapes alone are not enough to effectively treat the problem, grapes are a great addition when combined with a healthy Gout diet. This is because grapes have certain properties that can directly contribute to easing Gout pain.

Grapes for Gout

A major benefit of eating grapes is that they contain a lot of water. Proper hydration is a very large component to any effective Gout treatment. Water is great at flushing out extra uric acid from your system, and it can also help reduce inflammation. In many cases, people who suffer from Gout have difficulty drinking all of the water they need every day, so grapes and other foods dense in water are a great way to get water without drinking it.

Quercitin is a flavonoid that is contained in grapes. In case you are unfamiliar with flavonoids, they have been shown to have anti-swelling capabilities when included in a Gout diet. Because swelling can be one of the primary causes of pain brought on by Gout, an anti-swelling agent may be just what you need to relieve the pain. Not only is quercitin great when used as a Gout treatment, it is also very effective in fighting cancer due to its tumor fighting capabilities. You can find querticin in other foods like cherries, which is another great inclusion in any Gout diet.

Grapes are also beneficial as a part of your Gout treatment because of anthocyanins. Like querticin, anthocyanins are flavonoids. Anthocyanins are believed to stop the COX enzyme in your body from delivering the pain messages to your brain. This means that anthocyanins not only have the power to reduce swelling and inflammation, they also have the ability to block pain receptors as well. You can find them in dark fruits like grapes and cherries. White grapes only have trace amounts of anthocyanins, so if you decide to go with grapes, make sure they are dark in color.

Potassium found in grapes is another great benefit to having this fruit as a part of your Gout diet. Potassium is great for turning the uric acid in your system into a solution that is easily processed by your kidneys. Uric acid naturally crystallizes in your system, which can lead to a lot of problems. With grapes and other fruits high in potassium like bananas, your body has a much easier time processing the uric acid and flushing it out. A serving of grapes has approximately 191 mg of potassium.

Another reason to include this great fruit as a part of your Gout grapes treatment is because they are seen as an alkaline inducing food. It is much better for your body if it is an alkaline state, compared to an acidic state. Soluble salts like the salt of potassium are what make grapes be alkaline inducing, which helps them to better neutralize the uric acid in your system. With the uric acid neutralized, you will be able to enjoy a reduction in your Gout symptoms.

Last but not least, grapes contain a healthy amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a critical part of any Gout diet, because it has been shown to help prevent purines from forming into uric acid. While grapes are not a Vitamin C super-fruit, they do have enough Vitamin C to be beneficial when included in any Gout treatment. So, Gout and Grapes goes well together. If you do not like eating grapes then you may try Gout grapefruit juice.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to having this wonderful fruit as a part of your Gout grapes treatment. Gout diets and Gout remedies rich in fruits such as grapes will not only reduce your Gout pain, they will also contribute to a healthier lifestyle. With grapes you have a delicious, refreshing way to treat your Gout pain. While supplements are available, many people would rather consume real, fresh food instead.


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