Find out which Gout Foods to Eat can help you with Gout Pain

A healthy diet for Gout helps people to avoid the agonizing and painful symptoms of uric acid accumulation and crystal formation. You can enjoy the art of healthy living by ensuring to eat Gout foods. Diet for Gout is meant to prevent the serious damage that can occur at a later time. If you have noticed and diagnosed the slightest hint of Gout problems, it is better to take the call and stick to the dietary guidelines that ensure the diet high in carbohydrates and low in protein and fat.

Gout Foods to Eat and Avoid

Uric acid results from the breakdown of purines in our body system. Purines exist in many foods that we intake heavily. So, the Gout foods one should avoid are foods that contains high purines. Taking low and moderate purine foods is important and for this we need to identify the high purine, low purine and the moderate purine foods. For Gout patients, high purine foods should be completely avoided, moderate purines foods should be taken with restrictions and low purine foods should form the major part of their daily diet.

So, here are some tips on the various types of Gout foods to eat and avoid which you can choose accordingly to get relief from Gout symptoms. You must consult a medical professional before you stick to a proper diet. The low purine foods include cereals, pasta, rice, vegetables like kale, parsley, cabbage, celery and Vitamin C. Foods like red bell peppers, red cabbages,  fresh fruits specially the apples, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, low fat dairy products like the yoghurt, milk and low fat cheese, etc., should be taken regularly.

Gout foods to eat should include essential fatty acids like tuna, flax seeds and nuts.

The patients of Gout should start eating the green and leafy vegetables in order to defeat the present Gout symptoms and the symptoms to emerge in future. The doctors suggest the Gout patients to consume five servings of vegetables and fruits per day to beat the attack of Gout. Diet of Gout will be incomplete without the proper intake of fluids. The Gout patients should take at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day. Drinking alcohol and beer should be completely avoided.

A Gout diet is the starting point where you can begin your journey against Gout. But it does not mean that you should stick to the foods that are without any flavor and taste. You just need to know the right combination to choose the foods that tickle the taste buds. Avoiding food items is also important to ward off Gout attacks in future. Foods that are high in purine like the shell fish, sardines, red meats like the beef, pork, lamb, meat organs like brain, liver, and kidneys should be avoided. Yeast, anchovies, scallops, duck, mackerel, herring, lentils, offal, goose, shrimps, peas and mussels should also be completely avoided. You should remember the simple fact that the foods that are high in purines are very likely to aggravate the problems associated with Gout. So, it is always better to stay clear and away from all those foods and enjoy the healthy living.


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